Red Bull Ring race 2 – seasons best performance!

Simon at Red Bull Ring

Simon sure did grow some “horns” to second race at Red Bull Ring. Starting at p21 Simon crossed the checkered flag as 13th car, advancing not less than 8 competitors, although briefly being even further up the field.

It proved to be a hot race, not only for the thousands of spectators, but also a hot race on the track. Simon left the grid in good manners and managed to keep his positions going out of the second curve and up the long hill in Spielberg. He fought his way up the field while passing and pulling away from Michael Müller. A gap he lost when safety car got out and forced the field to gather again.

Safety car went back in after two laps leaving the drivers to it. Simon tried his best to chase down Hoffman and Caygill and succeeded not only to catch them, but to pass them both. The close battle didn’t end there and out of the first curve Simon got hit in the rear by Hoffman who tried to cut Simon off, even if he was almost a car’s length behind. Going up the hill Simon never gained enough speed to hold Hoffman and Caygill behind him, and they both passed in the second corner.

With only a few laps left it looked liked Simon would get his hands on the 12th place, but with only 1 lap left he was all out of Push-to-pass with german driver Preisig behind him with 3 “pushes”. The challenge became to big and Simon crossed the checkered flag as p13. Best result and, without a doubt, best performance this season!

Next race is already in two weeks when the Volkswagen drivers take on the classic Nürburgring.

Download wallpaper from this weekend’s race!