Race report – Red Bull Ring Race 1


Simon started off Race 1 at P21 on the grid. Although the best time would’ve put him further down the straight Simon said he felt good before the race. The weather didn’t feel quite as good and it was uncertain until the very last minute if it would rain or not. Thunders and rain was reported from the nearest mountain, but very few raindrops found it’s way to the Red Bull Ring.

The two first curves are 90 degree right hand curves with long straight aways in between. Simon managed to keep his position nicely even though starting om left hand side. The long straight aways also makes for good passing points, and a lot of passes were made, when Simon made his way up and down the field, battling out with drivers like Caygill, Müller and Seidel.

The battles forced Simon to use Push-to-pass a bit to eager, which left him without any “push” left in the last two laps.

“I’m not to pleased with the result of the race, but the battles were fun and taught me a lot about the track”,Simon says shortly after the checkered flag.

Let’s hope the lessons learned will benefit Simon in Sunday’s race, shortly after the DTM main event. Don’t forget to tune in live and cheer Simon on. The race time is 16:35 and it’s aired at volkswagen-motorsport.com.