Race report – Race 2 – Nürburgring

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup - Nürburgring 2014

The second race in Nürburgring was early in the morning, and would be a completely different one from saturday’s first race.

Once again I was fighting Seidel. We got great speed and was batteling constantly. I could feel that I had more to give and I was eager to pass Seidel to catch up with Müller and Presig in front.

We left the last right hand corner and out on the ever long finish straight when I made an early push-to-pass, trying to gain on Seidel. I was a lot faster on the straight, when I suddenly realized Seidel had spotted a far distant yellow flag and begun to slow down. As we approached the end of the straight I was going 30-40km/h fast then her and did my best to avoid a crash.

Nothing seriously bad happened when we bumped together, but I did get a drive through penalty and in the end I got excluded from the race. Really bummed out about that, and that I didn’t get the result I felt I deserved. However the race was an approval for my part, a receipt that I’ve got the speed and skills to battle way up in midfield of the drivers.

Now I’m looking forward to a few days rest. School’s about to start, than I’m reloading for the grand finale in Hockenheim 17th to 19th of October. More info: http://www.volkswagen-motorsport.com/index.php?id=892&L=1

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup - Nürburgring 2014