Race report – Race 1 – Nürburgring

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup - Nürburgring 2014

It was time for classic grounds this weekend when the DTM and Scirocco R-cup circus visited Nürburgring.

The first race was late in the afternoon on saturday. Just as we stopped our cars on the start grid, the first drips of rain started to come. It wasn’t suppose to rain, so the VW management decided not to call it a wet race and everyone kept the slicks tires. I didn’t mind, and as the rain slowly faded of I pushed as hard as I could. Unfortunately, a bit to hard, making me spin off track.

I got back on the track, but with a huge 20s gap to Seidel in the position in front of me. I struggled to get the pace back, which I did, catching up with Seidel. But the struggle with her made me push the boundaries at bit to far, and I spun off again. Same story, I got out on the track 17s behind, but managed to catch up once more.

Catching up is obviously easier than passing and when I spun off track the third, and last, time I knew that was it for this race. However, there still was som speed left in me and I caught up with Seidel once more, gave it all I hade, but wound up 0,3s behind. All in all I was pleased with the driving. Conditions were hard, track was slippery, but I dared pushing the limits and it felt great. I was pumped for race 2.