Improvements and points in Oschersleben

simon larsson oschersleben race 1

I started quite well and got of the grid just fine, but got the outside track and lost one position on the inside. Determinded to get back I pushed on, but suddenly lost power on the start straight. It felt like someone just shut down the car for about 5s then, after pumping the gas, it got back on. Sadly this set me back a few split seconds and a couple of hundred metres.

For each lap I got a little bit closer and on the last laps I had caught up with the pack and fought for points. While hunting on I sat a new personal record on Oschersleben with 1.43.9! Almost managed to pass Müller but I lacked a few centimetres to be able to pass him through and through.

All in all, I’ve got the same feelings today as last time in Hockenheim. The speed is there, I just need to use the momentum to also gain in positions. I finally crossed checkered flag on 11th position, adding another 10 points in junior cup!

Tomorrows race is early on, wich is good, cause I’m hungry for racing!! Tune in live at 11.00 on

Oh yeah, I also got my “fan cards” from Volkswagen and did some autograph signing after the races. Fun!