Hockenheim Finale: Last race ever in Scirocco R-cup

Simon Larsson Hockenheim

Time for the Finale at Hockenheim – the last race this season for me and scirocco R cup. It is also Scirocco R cup’s last race for ever. Next year Audi is taking over. Volkswagen has hosted this championship for 17 years, but now they have given their finest racing series to Audi. We still know nothing about what Audi got planned for 2015, but I am really excited over what to come. The VW championships started with the Lupo in 1998, then the Polo in 2004 and now the Scirocco.


Training went really bad. We decided to go on new tires in the back and the used tire in the front. First laps went ”ok” but the front tires was cutting down and I was driving on the threads. I thought it was just the wrong air pressure so I went in to the pit. We changed the air pressure but same problem. I was really frustrated and thought I was doing a bad job on the track. The brakes were also not working perfect as they used to. Also some weird problems with something in the air making it bounce a lot. We put the mechanics to work and let them look on what more problems they might find.