1s from pole at practice in Norisring

Simons practice in Norisring

We arrived early friday morning to the hotel in Nürnberg. Due to an airport strike we took the car to Nürnberg. A 10 hour trip. Not a perfect preparation for racing, but it mattered not.

The day began with a joint track walk together with all the other VW drivers. It’s a tight and fast track indeed. At one point the instructor even told us to be so close to the concrete wall that the rear view mirror almost scraped. Yes, the centimeters does count!

The sun kept shining through the day and as we entered our cars the temperature was around 28 degrees. On the track I kept on improving for each and every lap, setting my fastest lap late in the practice with a 1:01:084. Just one second from pole on a 1:00:046.

I feel great after the practice really satisfied with the lap time. I know exactly where I’m losing time, something the data confirmed later on the evening. Ola and dad worked with me on the analysis and now I know I’m ready for this mornings qualification. I’ll hit the tarmac at 9.45!
Simon and Stefan analys the data