Scirocco R-cup

Ten races, one objective.

Scirocco R-Cup 2014 Race calendar

Talented up-and-coming drivers, seasoned motorsport legends and famous guest entrants: once again, the field of starters in the 2014 Scirocco R-Cup season is as exciting as ever. As usual, this one-make racing series comprising ten races features as part of the DTM supporting programme. The grand finale took place at the Hockenheimring on 19 October 2014.

Add race to calendar 02/05/2014 04/05/2014 38 Hockenheim, Germany Hockenheim, Germany Simon Larsson true DD/MM/YYYY
  • 1ST and 2ND RACE / 02 – 04.05.2014
  • Country: Germany
  • Circuit length: 4.574 km
  • Number of bends: 17

Hockenheim can seat up to 120.000 people. Its also an F1 track and very famous.

My expectations will be an top ten place in the junior cup, this will be my first race in Scirocco R cup and I am really looking forward to get started. I am also very happy that Hockenheim is the first track since it looks great to drive on.

Add race to calendar 16/05/2014 18/05/2014 38 Oschersleben, Germany Oschersleben, Germany Simon Larsson true DD/MM/YYYY
  • 3RD and 4TH RACE / 16 – 18.05.2014
  • Country: Germany
  • Circuit length: 3.696 km
  • Number of bends: 14


My expections will be higher on Oschersleben also since its my second race . This is the track I did my qualifying for my seat at Scirocco R cup and the track we get most practice on. I really like this track, its fast, tricky and it is probably one of the harder tracks to drive fast on.

Add race to calendar 27/06/2014 29/06/2014 38 Norisring, Germany Norisring, Germany Simon Larsson true DD/MM/YYYY
  • 5TH RACE / 27. – 29.06.2014
  • Country: Germany
  • Circuit length: 2.300 km
  • Number of bends: 6


This will be a really good track, since it is very similair to my hometrack in sweden. Tight corners and long straights. It will be great to drive there and I will aim for top 5 in the junior series here. I will also be much more experienced with the car and everything so it will fell better at this time.

Add race to calendar 01/08/2014 03/08/2014 38 Spielberg, Austria Spielberg, Austria Simon Larsson true DD/MM/YYYY
  • 6TH + 7TH RACE / 01 – 03.08.2014
  • Country: Austria
  • Circuit length: 4.326 km
  • Number of bends: 9



This is the track i most look forward to compete in. Its a really fast track and it is never flat. It always go up or down at the track and it has both high speed corners and slow cornerns. Always when I have been watching Scirocco R cup it has been on spielberg. Spielberg is also called Red Bull ring or A1 ring.


Add race to calendar 15/08/2014 17/08/2014 38 Nürburgring, Germany Nürburgring, Germany Simon Larsson true DD/MM/YYYY
  • 8TH + 9TH RACE / 15 – 17.08.2014
  • Country: Germany
  • Circuit length: 3.629 km
  • Number of bends: 11


Nurburgring probably the most famous track in the world. But this is the GP circut and not the Nordschleife most people mixed this two up. Iam really looking forward to this race, since it is said it is a really hard track to master and I love challanges.

Add race to calendar 17/10/2014 19/10/2014 38 Hockenheim, Germany Hockenheim, Germany Simon Larsson true DD/MM/YYYY
  • 10TH RACE / 17 – 19-10-2014
  • Country: Germany
  • Circuit length: 4.574 km
  • Number of bends: 17


When this Race come, It has gone a long time in my scirocco R cup, and iam getting much experince from the car. Iam really looking forward for the final and a high expection would be to place my self at the podium. It would be a real dream come true


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