Poznan 2015 (Final)

Poznań is the largest circuit in Poland and something of a hidden gem. Reasonably fast and with good run off areas, it is somewhat reminiscent of the Brno circuit in the Czech Republic, albeit with less elevation change.

Among those to lap at the circuit over the years are Robert Kubica, Michael Schumacher and Jackie Stewart, while Marc Gene holds the unofficial outright record of 1m 14s after lapping in a Ferrari F1 car during a demonstration. The race record is currently held by the Lola T92/50 F3000 car of Peter Milavec, set in 2006 at a slightly more sedate 1 min.25.553s.

distance4 083 m
longest straight560 m
record01:25.553 s / Peter Milavec / Lola T92/50

Poznan Circuit

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