Nürburgring, Germany 2016

NürburgringThis year, the Nürburgring hosts two Audi Sport TT Cup race weekends. The first on the traditional circuit in the Eifel is the race on the 24-hour race support programme.

The 24-hour race at the Nürburgring has been held since 1970 on different versions of the track, and since 1984 on the entire track. At this time none of the regular starters in the Audi Sport TT Cup were born. The race runs on the Grand Prix version of the track. The similarly traditional unsettled weather of rain showers and fog make the conditions more difficult and in doing so provide more thrills and spills.

As part of the supporting programme for the 24-hour race, the Audi Sport TT Cup drivers compete around the Grand Prix circuit without the Mercedes Arena. They drive exactly the same track used for the traditional battle twice around the clock. The Audi one-make cup keeps right and ‘ignores’ the left corner leading onto the infamous Nordschleife.


Circuit length 4.638 km
Winners 2015 n/a (first event 2016)

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