Race report Lausitzring

2015 - VW Golf Cup

Hot temperatures, strong emotions and real racing spirit


After a successful weekend at Slovakia ring I was really looking forward to Euro speedway Lausitzring. I wanted to bring all the good from Slovakiaring with me and improve the things that could be better. I was once again ready for a fight!


Me and my #1 supporter and helper dad and me arrived on Thursday evening tired from the long trip we went down to a restaurant but then went to bed to reload before first day.


Friday was all about training and to get to know the track. I have been at Lausitzring one time before, but I only had the chance to drive there for 2×30 min. This was when I did the pre-season test and the qualification to join Golf Cup. I had 30c° in the air and this is not very optimal for the car nor for me. It was VERY warm to drive, and I have to drink a lot to not get dehydrated. It was a good first practice, but I only used 2 P2P so I was far down on the list, but that doesn’t matter.


Saturday was a long day. I had my Second practice already at 8am, and already by then it was 32c°. I knew this was going to be a very though day! I had some problems with my car, when I was breaking the whole car dragged to the left and this was very annoying and took all my focus. Everybody has a different tactic with the tires, my tactic is to save all good tires for race and quali and not waste them on training, which seems to work out pretty good. 13.25 it was time for Qualification since the temperature was 38c° and it was 50c° in the tarmac we spoke with Hankook and they told us that the slicks will have a really short peak (the peak is when the tires are at the best). This means that I only have a few laps before the tires slowly brake down. I also knew from experience from the practice that there is dirt inside of the corners. I also knew that some people have addiction to drive outside and over the corners, which would put a lot of dirt on the track -> slower laps. I had to do my fastest lap as fast as possible, but on my quickest lap I had three cars blocking me on my way out on the long straight, even if my sector times were okay I had the same problem as we seen before. I can’t manage to put my laps together, but I had really good sector times. I managed to put two times at 1,37,7 and started P19 in both race 1 and race 2.


Race 1

started at 17.00 the same day, it was incredible hot and I don’t think I ever experienced this kind of heat, and especially not when you are in a racecar. Everyone had the same problem so I just had to bite the bullet and make the heat my advantage. I started P19 and ready for a fight. I did a super start in the chaotic start, passing 4 cars after 3 corners. In a weird left hand corner, Metzner drove straight over my line and I had to panic brake to avoid a collision. Lost my positions and I was P19 again. I even lost a big gap to the cars ahead, but determinate to climb the ladder, I overtook car after car. I was now P16 and Andre Gies car broke down because of the heat, safety car drove out at track.



I was chasing The polish driver Strezak and the driver from Kazakhstan Artemeyev.

Artemeyev made a big mistake at the last corner, he said the engine turned off but we don’t know. Anyway this created a kind of domino effect when Strezak hit Artemeyev and brakes, I hit Strezak and pushes him a bit. The judge wasn’t really happy to see this and they gave me a drive through penalty, which ruined the whole race, especially when it is this close racing. I finished P21, but I did a really good job and I am happy with my racing effort.


I was really upset at the judgment the judges gave me, so I went straight up to the race tower and asked how they could give me this penalty and for what. I also asked to see the footage. At the first he was really bitchy and didn’t let me see the movie, because he couldn’t understand to what purpose this would be. But I wouldn’t go without seeing the footage and after a while He showed me the footage, but there was no chance I could change their decision.



Race 2


Today it was going to be even warmer than yesterday and this would tear down the slicks even more. 40c° and sitting in a racecar in 54c° and full race suit with fireproof “long underwear”. Angry and upset from yesterdays race I really wanted to give it all, I whished to show them that I don’t belong in the bottom. Starting from P19 again, and I once again did a super start. 5 cars in a row on the start I took the inside and jumped over the curbs. Chaos everywhere and cars everywhere I tried to overtake as many as possible and I was fighting hard with everyone. A couple hard laps with fights and I was P15, I tried to overtake Artemeyev on the inside but he blocked and I lost a position to Tokar and I was now p16. Two turns later I passed Artemeyev again and was now chasing Tokar for p14. Tokar makes a small mistake when he power under steer out on the gravel a bit and loses speed when he is back on track, I overtake him and start chasing the two cars in front of me.

I overtook both Strezak and Jurecki when they bump together a bit but Strezak fights together and we keep changing positions a lot the coming laps. Strezak manage to keep his P12 when the checkered flag comes out and I finished P13, which pleased me very well.


I was once again the driver who climbed the ladder with most overtakes and the one who improved most, but I really need to get the qualifications together so I don’t need to start so far back.