The premiere Race was a tough start

2015 - Volkswagen Castrol Cup

The premiere of Volkswagen Golf Cup 2015 is completed, it was held at Oschersleben in Germany together with ADAC GT MASTERS and Formula 4 as a support class just like Golf Cup.


This is the second year for Simon in international racing but he is only 17 years! Volkswagen Golf Cup is an international racing championship with really high standard on the drivers from 10 different countries. The championship runs in four different countries, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The weekend started on Saturday with 2 training passes  in the new car, and qualification. Qualification decide my starting position at the grid for the 2 upcoming races at Sunday. The qualification was a real mess, 30 minutes before roll out it started to rain, the mechanics changed to rain tires on all our 25 cars, but just 10 minutes before roll out, the rain was drying up and they changed back to slicks. So the qualification came to be on a damp tarmac whit slicks.


It was a real mess on the track, cars were spinning and they were off track and on track, yellow flag almost every lap. The consequences for this was that Simon couldn’t get a single free lap. The last 5 laps on qualification was really fast, but all 25 cars was now on track, and Simon always came into traffic. When the qualification was over Simons best time stopped at 1,43,90 which gave him a 20th place of 25 cars.


Simon was really pissed when we were going back to the hotel. We did look through the telemetri from the car, that showed us that Simon had a really good pace and speed.  The whole laps wasn’t the best, but the sector times were really good , when we put them together it showed a theoretical best lap, 1,42,30. With that time Simon would have placed himself fourth place for the race.
But that’s racing, you need to make 1 fast lap, and not 3 fast sectors.



The race at Sunday! It was a pumped up Simon, he knew he had the speed and he was more and more comfortable with the car. The golf is understeering a lot more than the scirocco did and this wear the tire, this will later be an experience for Simon in the first race. He made a Superb start from the 20th place, he start to overtake cars 1 by and 1 and after 10 laps he is at the 15th position. Simon is close to a group of three cars and he starts to attack them. unfortunately he goes to aggressive against the other cars, and in the last corner Simon goes out in the gravel with all four wheels, when the cars get back on track, it throws itself into the wall on the other side. Simon was okey and didn’t get hurt at all, but for the car it was over. The car was unrepairable for the next race…


Go hard or Go home, the difference between success and failure is not giving up.


Next race is at Slovakia ring 19-21 June, Simon is already preparing for this and is really pumped to improve his misstake!