TCR Germany 2017 premiere

pictures: Fabian Werner

A very long winter break has finally come to an end, I have managed to do some testing this year before the season and I had a really great feeling in the car towards the first race weekend.


In this season there is 44 cars on the starting grid and I was well aware that it would be extremely tough competition. I was prepared both with the car, mechanics and the track. I also knew that the qualifying run would be extra important this year because of all the cars on the grid.


Practice 1 & 2

First and second practice runs was good, I was keeping up a good pace and driving safe without any misstakes. In the practice runs it is also important to keep up a good pace all the time because your total time will decide which qualifying group you will go in to, A or B.



It was Saturday morning and I woke up feeling like shit, I had a fever and was felling really ill, but I was so excited to start the new race season, and I were so happy that I had a lot of training under the winter. Because we are so many cars on the track they have divided the field into two qualifying groups. the 6 best from each group goes to Q2 for a chance with the reversed grid. Reveres grid means that if you qualify P10 you will start P10 in Race 1 and P1 in Race 2. So if you proceed to Q2 you will have a reversed grid if you are in top 10 of the 12.  I managed to finish P11 in my group which was a bit away from the P6 needed to qualify for Q2, but under the circumstances of my fever and Illness I was still happy with my qualification. I was P21 in total. In the last 5 minutes there was a big crash, which resulted in cancellation of Q2 but it didn’t make any difference for me.


Race 1

P21, I had a lot of cars in front of me but I had even more cars behind me. It was crazy when we were sitting on the starting grid with this many cars. The cars in the very end started in the last corner of the track and I have never driven something as crazy as this. I made a really good start and was up to P16 directly after some corners. It was crazy, cars everywhere and bumping and hitting each other. It was a really tough race but it was the best race of my life, it may not have been the best race where I improved but it was a ton load of fun. I finished P27 after some rally-cross driving.


Race 2


Second race on Sunday was chaos. I was so sick and I had no energy at all, I really just wanted to do the race and then go home to my bed and sleep for a week. I was so tired, ill and haven’t eaten for 2-3 days. I started P21 and just did my best to keep my position. Finished P25.


I had the funniest and most exciting race of my life and the most horrible race as well, it was a weekend packed with so many emotions and feelings. I have to take the good things with me and keep my self healthy until next race at Red Bull Ring, Austria. 8-11th June.