Take the bull by the horns


Red Bull Ring

Second race weekend of the year is already over, it is crazy competitive and everybody wants to win. I was very excited to be back at Red Bull Ring, last time I was here it was in my Yellow Scirocco R cup 2014.


Practice 1 & 2

I started of very slow in the first and second practice run, I didn’t really managed to build up any speed or time but a big confidence I had in the car. No big misstakes were made and the car was in perfect shape after the two stints. Working with the Champion Josh Files to improve my lap times for Qualy.


Qualifying was the same day as free practice, at Friday. I was so pumped up to make a good qualifying so I could have a good chance to fight for top 10 from the start. I was pushing and pushing as hard as I could in my Audi rs3 LMS. I managed to do one really fast lap that showed up on my dashboard in the car. I thought that I might have done a time that would be enough. Q1 was over and I went back to the pits, jumped out of the car and went to the screen, there I saw that my lap time had been cancelled and my second fastest was just not enough to go to Q2. I finished P12 in my group which was a big disappointment.

Race 1

Starting P24, far back again in the grid but I still had hope to push up and I knew this is a hard track which will demands its sacrifices. Managed to make a great start and I was up at P17-18 already after 1 lap. At the first really hard breaking I breaked a little bit late but somehow my Braking bias was changed all the way to the back. So all my breaking force was o the rear wheels, there was no chance to stop my car so I throwed it out of the track and sliding a looooong way until it stopped. Now I was way way back and trying to catch up. Safety car and I was just behind the field. Managed to overtake 3 cars after safety car but then I had a small contact with another car which made my setup on the car completely destroyed. Managed to finish P26 out of 39.


Race 2

Second race I started P26, I was really disappointed from the day before and I had bigger expectations for today. Made a really good start again and the fights was on, consequent fighting all the time non stop. Changing positions with drivers but climbing the grid slowly. After 5 laps and I tried to outbreak another driver, in the middle of the braking my brake pedal when right through and I went straight out the gravel. I lost my brakings probably because of overheating and now fighting for the bottom positions.


Overall I have learned a lot during the weekend and even if I don’t improve my results I become a more confident and secure driver as well as faster. Now we have a little break until the next race weekend at Oschersleben. Hopefully I can have the speed on my side and the luck. 6-9th of July its time again, see you then!