Race report from Zandvoort

Audi TT cup #12, Simon Larsson


This was one of the tracks that I have never been to before but from a track that I have heard a lot of good things about. I was really excited to come to Zandvoort and to be back in the Audi TT Cup car again.



Zandvoort started of just as every race weekend with practice and I was really enjoying the track. It is definitely one of my favorite tracks if not the best one. I got a good amount of laps at the track and I really enjoyed it. I am getting very confident in the TT now and every second in the car brings me a big smile.



Qualifying went pretty ok, I knew that I could have been higher up in the field if I had some more practice but with the knowledge that I was only 1 or 2 tens of a second from starting as P6 made me a bit happier. I started as P12 in the first race and P11 in the second one.

Race 1

There is not really much to say about race 1. I made a good start but I came in a very tricky situation which resulted that I got spun around and slowly rolling over the track to the other side. Almost every car managed to dodge me or brake until I had a very hard impact and three cars got taken out. No points for this race and I was very disappointed.

Race 2

In race 2 I had a spare car from Audi since my own car wasn’t repairable after the hard crash in race 1. I once again had a good start in the race but got a hard closed door after 2 corners to avoid another collision I had to save both me and the other cars by backing off. I lost 2 positions and was back to P13, I managed to drive my self back to P11 even if the car was not 100% perfect.


After all I am both happy and disappointed after the weekend. Just a little more speed in the Qualification would have sent me some starting grids higher up. There is nothing more to do in race 1 and it was just unlucky. Race 2 I did my absolute best.