Race report Brno Automotodrom

2015 - Volkswagen Castrol Cup

Track days and Simulator training pays off



Three weeks ago I was at Sachsenring for my fourth race weekend this year. I had some smaller problems in the races and I wasn’t totally satisfied. Now I had a new chance at Brno.  I have been training a lot since I came home from Sachsenring, track days in Sweden and Simulators in Germany at project1 and Tolimits race office.

Together with my coach Ola, we have been really doing everything to give this weekend at Brno a really good shot.


This weekend we had 2 more training sessions more than we usually have, this was very good news for me since then I had a lot more time to learn the track. Free Practice 1 or FP1 as we call it was a slow start, I didn’t get the speed that I wanted but I had more time to practice and analyze what I was doing wrong and what could been better. FP2 was much better but there was still more that I could do, Ola found the small stuff on the telemetry and showed me how to do this even better. FP3 was really good, I now had the speed up, and even with a smaller misstake and traffic I managed to finish P11. FP4 I didn’t thought it could go much better but it did, we decided to make a qualification test so I did 1 warmup lap then 1 really fast lap. Again I had traffic that was still warming up their tires but they didn’t move fast enough, I lost about a half second but I still managed to get P7.


For the Qualifying I now had big expectations because of the good practice sessions, I went out on the track perfectly timing with no car in front of me and no car behind. But I didn’t get a good feeling with the car, and from no where it just started to vibrate on the straights very much and into the corners I felt that I didn’t had the same grip as I had on the practice sessions. When I finished on P20 in both races I was satisfied at all, actually I was very disappointed and pissed on my performance as I thought it was only because of my performance. But later I got confirmed by the mechanics that there was a problem with my car. After this info I got my mood back and I was ready for a good sleep and a new day.


Race 1 :

Starting this far back can be more problems than just being far back, like at Brno I couldn’t see the starting red lights so a bad start was a fact. Still hanging in there at the back, but in the first corner I got spun around and three cars was spinning around and lot back to the last position, I was second last and had a long way back to my original position. At this time I was p24, I knew right then that this would be a very very though race. It took me about 5 laps to reach the other cars, but now I only had 5 laps left as well. Lap by lap I was driving super aggressive just to pass the others and get my positions back, while they were fighting with each other I was staying a bit in the back and took my chances when they made misstakes. After a lot of fighting I Managed to get P19 after the checkered flag.


Race 2 :

I was doing some small positioning work so I could see the red lights on the starting grid. Again starting P20 but this time I could see the light and I could do a super good start. I flew past three guys on the straight, I played a bit safe card in corner 1 and this time 3 other cars spun in the first corner, so I got three free positions. After the third corner I managed to overtake 2 more cars thanks to a really good exit and my push to pass. In corner 9 there was a car ahead of me who lost his car and due to this I pushed him a tiny bit in the back, but it was enough to make him spin in front of me and I had to almost stop to avoid crashing in to him again. The judges thought that it was solely my fault so they gave me a drive through. Once again I am the only car who get punished even if my car was the only one without damages. Now I was last again and the only thing I could do was to drive as fast as possible to get some good lap times.


I know that I have the speed, I really do, I just need some more luck in the Qualification and some more luck in the races.  I think Poznan will be a great weekend!