Practice makes perfect


Slovakia ring race 3&4

The second race weekend for Volkswagen Golf Cup is over. It was a long wait, but maybe it was good for me. I had the chance to refuel my power and to forget about last race flop. I also had the chance to practice with my Coach Ola Nilsson who is a former Sirocco R Cup champion, and Porsche Carrera Cup driver. With the help from Ola and a FWD car with turbo, I was able to get some practice at track. Increasing my pace and my handling of the Golf car! As ones says “practice makes perfect”

Second race at Slovakia started with Practice. Since I have been here 1 time before with Volkswagen when we did preseason testing. I was both familiarly with the car and the track. So coming to this track felt very good, and practice 1 and 2 flowed on really good, did some special cornering training with Ola, and we were watching the telemetry carefully.

It was early morning around 8am Qualification I was really pumped up and I had a great feeling. Went out on a cold track, but dry. No special condition, and no worries. My target time for quali was 2.25.00. I was able to do 2.24.95. I did 2 okay laps, that were almost identical which would place me P19 in race 1 and P16 in Race 2. I was not very pleased with my positioning, but the gap to P1 was only 1.6sec, which is nothing on this long track! So I still had a good feeling about it.

First race started at 18.10, it was a really long day and a long wait between quali and race 1. I slept for 2hours before lunch, so I was full of energy before the race. Placing my self on the start grid 19. I couldn’t see the starting lights so I made an awful start it was really bad. Losing 2 or 3 positions in the start, but after the first corner I was back in P19. It was a really though fight, but I managed to overtake cars in a clean way, I was now P14 and I was chasing 3 cars in front of me. When passing Metzner on the start and finish straight with my Push to pass, he tried to dive and block on Corner 1, but he went to fast and braked to late, so instead of passing me he just blocked, I drove into his back and he lost a lot of positions but I lost a big gap to the 3 in the front. Anyway I succeeded to hold the gap to the cars behind, and finished p14. Overall a really though race but really funny. But next race is coming to be even better.

After a long sleep over night at our room, I was refreshed. Sunday morning. Race 2 was about to go and I started P16, this time I had a good view at the start lights and I could make an awesome start. I literally flew past 2 guys in the start and took the third in the first corner. After 3 laps I was p10 and I was chasing 4 guys who was in a 20sec gap in front of me. All race was just about chasing and at the last lap I was in their butt. Trying to make it past 1 in the last corner but pushing to hard so I had to back off. Finished P10 and made my best result ever! Really happy for it!

Now two weeks of relaxing and then Lausitzring!