Plans for 2015

Sirocco R cup is over. My plan was to continue with the Scirocco R cup as a three years plan. But the odds was against me and the Big Boss changed my plans, when they decided to go from the Scirocco to Audi TT.

Audi TT is a really cool car and I believe that it is a perfect race car. But Audi changed the “thinking” from volkswagens’  great way  to handle Juniors and pros. Volkswagen was really about focusing at the juniors and giving us a chance to learn and get more experienced.  Audi is more about a 1 year plan to enter and then continue to the higher series.

I still got a lot to learn and I need more experience. That is why we don’t feel like the Audi TT is the right way to go for me even if it is a wicked cool car and surely really quick, I must find some other better way for me to go.


Castrol cup Polska. This is what I found, it is still with Volkswagen motorsport and it is a  similar car to the Scirocco. It is a Golf Gti cup car which has 270HP and weights xxxx. It has the same DSG gearbox and on the inside it looks very close to a Scirocco. It is not as environmental friendly as the scirocco though, it runs on normal fuel and the sound of the car is bad ass. It is a one make series and is pretty similar to the Scirocco R Cup. Castrol cup will run with both WTCC some races and ADAC GT masters some.


Last Monday I was at Lausitzring trying out the Golf Gti car to make a decision about if the Castrol Cup is a good series for me. I had 2 runs in the car that was 30 mins each. and at the end of the day, I knew that it was a perfect choice for me. The car felt really good, it was much more stable than the Scirocco under brakings, it was not as loose in the back in turns. The golf actually felt faster out of the corners aswell. I think that this car will be perfect for me, but for sure the competion will not be easier than Scirocco. But I will be faster.