Nurburgring – Race report

Audi Sport TT Cup, Nürburgring 2016

Second race weekend of the Audi Sport TT Cup is already done, it’s crazy how fast time flies away.


Nurburgring was a race that started of really good in the first and only practice sessions I finished P11, which was totally OK for me since it was better than I did last time. I was new to this kind of Nurburgring GP circuit so it was almost like a totally new track for me.


Qualification was set like a horror movie, I had some problems with my clutch and gearbox in the car which made me lose about 1.5-2 seconds for each lap making it impossible for me to fight about those P10 starting grid position. I finished at P16 for the race 1.


Race 1 was a pretty calm race, I was involved in a accident in the start of the race where two other cars crashed together forcing me to brake and pushing me back to last position, I overtook about a car every lap and finished as P12 when I overtook one of the guest drivers in the last corner on the last lap.


Race 2 was a very chaotic race it was a lot of fighting from the back trying to climb the ladder. I saved a lot of push to pass and tried out a new tactic, unfortunately safety car came out when I had a lot of P2P left and passing the others. With 2 laps left and 8 Push to Pass I tried my best to gain as many positions as I could and I finished P11!


I am really happy with both of my races climbing a lot of positions in both races, with a better qualification I know I would have been top 10 easily since I got the speed for even more!


See you next time at Norisring!