Audi TT cup #12, Simon Larsson

Norisring an Iconic race, a race often called Germanys little Monaco. It was my second time at Norisring and I was very happy to be back at this cool track, it might not look like one of the funniest track but the whole atmosphere is amazing and it’s Audis home track. Which makes things more interesting.


The weekend started of with training as always, I knew that Norisring is well known to cause a lot of damage to the cars if you make the smallest misstake. So I took it a bit easy in the practice and just tried to remember the track.


The qualifying went totally shit, at first the track was not clean, one of cleaning machines leaked oil over the whole track which resulted in that the track was covered in oil recovery. Only a few cars went out directly on the quali because of the oil recovery on the tarmac. It was very slippery and there was no reason to drive since it was a very high risk doing it. Five minutes later it was red flag because one car was hugging the wall a bit to hard. Back on it again with 10 minutes to go everyone got really stressed and everyone went out at the same time, resulting in a lot of traffic on this short 2km track. I was also struggling with the car under my brakings, we later found that I had almost 0 brake pressure in the car. With a shit qualification I had to start P18 in both race 1 and 2.

Race 1

If you have seen a race from Norisring you know what I mean when I say that it is very hard to overtake at this track. There is only 1 race line and if you don’t drive in the race line you have a very bad grip because it’s a normal road when it’s not a racetrack. It was tho a very dramatic race with a lot of crashes and fighting. I managed to Finish P9 when the race was over and with 0 damage on my car which pleased me.

Race 2

Race 2 was a very bad race I was struggling with getting the heat in my rear tires, and almost lost the cars in the fast S corner 4 times in the row. Instead I lost 2 positions and finished P13. Everyone was almost driving at the same time and everyone was within 0.4 sec.

after all I am happy with the weekend, one of the most expensive race weekends for many drivers, but the cheapest one so far for me with no damages at all to the car. With a better qualification I know I can be where I want to be.