Next up Brno

From one new race track to another, three weeks ago I was driving for the first time at Sachsenring. I succeeded to take some few points in race 1 after a terrible qualification, but race 2 was a disaster after 2 cars bumped together  in front of me another car avoided the cars by driving on the grass, but then he went to fast and couldn’t brake, instead I became his final brake. My steering broke up and the race was over after 2 corners.

I will forget the bad things and bring the good things with me, I will focus on the qualification for the next race weekend.

Last Wednesday me and Ola was at Mantorp Park in Sweden the week after Sachsenring, the difference between the international tracks and Sweden is so crazy. It felt Like i was driving in slow motion, even the full speed corners at Mantorp felt so slow after driving at Sachsenring.


This weekend I will race at Brno autodromo. This track is very fast and very long it is 5400 meter long and is a very technique track. Me and my Coach Ola Nilsson has been down in Lohne at Project1 and Tolimits office. Why? I have been for 2 straight days in the new awesome simulator that Project1 and FTRC brought together.  Ola did some reference laps and I tried to catch up with his times. Of course it was really hard, but I became faster and faster for every lap. The track knowledge and the cornering became much much better.