Incomparable racing at the season finale


Strong ending and a lot of joy


I can’t believe that the season is over already, I still remember when I was booking all the hotels in december last year like it was yesterday. The time just flew away but I am already preparing for the next year and all the fun 2016 might come with.


I have once again prepared my self for this track by driving the simulator but this time I was driving at home. I was ready to give it all for the finale, so I could finish my season on top. I especially wanted to make this finale a good race if you remembered my last finale at Hockenheim last year…


The Final at would be held at Poznan, I never been here before so once again I would have the odds against me, since this is the only track in Poland as I write the drivers from Poland has a big advantage. Poznan is 4.1 KM long but a very narrow , very fast and intense track. Small braking going over to full throttle the millisecond after releasing the brakes. The first practice I drove as much as possible to learn the track, by cutting tens and tens from my time every lap I had a good feeling. We did a second full training instead of trying a qualifying ad FP2. Once again I cut a lot of time from my personal best. Me and Ola analyzing everything that could been better. Preparing for the Qualifying I was really pumped up to do my best qualifying ever.


Qualifying :

I managed to get out perfect on the track, not a single car ahead of me and not one behind me. warming up my tires in my own tempo made it possible for me to push when I felt I had the maximum grip in the tires. I drove the fastest I could but with some small misstakes on the fast laps I didn’t manage to get a perfect time. I went into pitlane to let my tires to rest for 3-4 minutes, get the perfect air pressure and then give it one more shot. Even if the peak was gone, I knew there was more time to cut of and I knew I could do it, and so I did. I managed to get a really good time, but the whole field also did. I managed to qualify P22 and P19. Not the best I have done, but it was a fact that I was only 0.2 sec from P12 and 1 sec from P6. So I was still satisfied with my qualification and probably it was the best one for this season.


Race 1 :

I was not unused to start in the back, So I almost knew what would happen in the start. Getting to much wheelspin, because I was to aggressive dropped me back even further, after the start I was P24. I stayed ice cold, because I knew someone would spin or crash in the first corner. So they did, one guy spun and I was back on P23 and I also managed to overtake some other cars who slowed down to avoid the spinning car. Lap by lap I was pushing my car to the limit, over taking one by one. It was very hard to overtake on this track, but by using the push to pass on random places where no one was expecting it I managed to do it pretty easy. The track as I said is very narrow so overtaking a car on this track was very tight. After 14 laps I managed to cross the checkered flag as P16, I am really satisfied with my driving in the race.


Race 2 :

This race would been even better than race 1. I started P19 on the grid, this time I was sure to not get any wheelspin and to make a perfect start. So I did, I managed to get away really quick and gained 1 position in the start, driving even more aggressive this race to make it a good last one. Pushing my tires to the limit and the push to pass really aggressive I managed to overtake a lot of cars in the beginning of the race. When it was 4 laps left I was P11, chased by another car who had 5 P2P when I had 2. I knew that this would be a hard fight to defend my position and that my driving skill would be a lethal for my P11 position. After 3 laps both me and the driver behind me was down on 0 P2P and I knew I would cross the checkered flag as P11.


I am very pleased with the weekend, even if I started far back on the grid it was a super tight qualifying. I did my best Qualifying ever and the second race was also my best race ever. If you look at driving skills then of course!


I would like to thank all my sponsors for helping me and supporting me this year, I would also like to thank my super coach Ola Nilsson who made me faster and faster this year, and learning me everything he knows! I Like to thank MOM events who has supported me since the first time I sat in a car and for providing me with important track time. And of course I want to  thank the most important guy, my dad, Without him this would been impossible and he is the one who is always with me and always support me what ever I do!


Let’s bring on 2016!