Hockenheim – Race report

Audi TT cup #12, Simon Larsson

The premiere of Audi Sport TT Cup is after a very long wait over. The weekend was, as always very short and just after one blink I was back in Sweden and had done my first race in Audi Sport TT Cup!


I started the weekend as usual with an official drivers briefing and a check that my clothes are ok to race with. On Friday we had our first practice session in the car for this weekend. We have only had one testday so me and my dad was still trying out some new air pressures and anti-rollbar settings on the car. After 50 minutes we had a pretty good setup, but I had only time to do 2 laps on this new setup… I finished P12 in the practice but I was not happy with this.


In the qualifying on Saturday it was time to try out the new setup that we found in the free practice and test how good it was. I went out on the track and started to warm-up my tires, when I was just about to start my fast flying lap one car spun off the track and crashed into the barrier. Which resulted in red flag and that I lost my peak on my slicks. After red flag it was time to go back on track again and try to set a good time. I could not get up the speed I wanted to, and finished with a very disappointing P18…


Race 1 was later on Saturday and I was hoping to make a really good race and try to climb up to P10 as my goal. The race started pretty good and I made an OK start, passing up to P16 after 2 corners and I felt great. In the famous hairpin at Hockenheim I got T-boned and spun of the track. Lost all my positions and I was now last with about a 10 second gap to the closest position. I got 2 free laps where I went maximum speed and caught up with the field and started to make some moves. Another crash in the hairpin but this time I was not involved in it but 4 other cars were. I managed to pass them all and shortly after this it was time for Safety car. 2 laps behind safety car and then a very unlucky crash happens. The front of the field accelerates and then brakes making a heavy doppler effect and involving with 1 car driving straight into another which results in red flag. I was now P14 and happy with my position but we had 2 laps to go after the restart behind safety car. I was about to try to defend myself for 2 laps with 0 P2P against 6. It was a mission impossible and after 1/2 lap I was P15. I managed to hold this position until I passed checkered flag. Analyze after the race showed that I had the 4th fastest lap time in the race which made me very happy and gave me some self confident that I had the speed required for top 10.


Race 2 same starting grid position for me but this time I tried to take a safe card in the hairpin. I had some really close fights with a former F1 driver Scott speed for 7 laps where we passed each other multiple times every lap and going in and out of corners with 3cm marginal to each other. It was very hard to gain positions in this race since I had fights on track all the time. I couldn’t either get up a really good speed as I had in race 1. I am still happy with this race after finishing at P15.


Next race is Nurburgring 25-29th of May. I am really excited to be back on this track. 2 years ago I drove her with Scirocco R cup and I really enjoyed the track. I will make a really good qualification and fight for the top 10!!