Dubai 24H starts the new chapter of 2016


First race of 2016


Dubai 24h endurance race has been one of my racing goals since I started with racing. Dubai 24h has been a running race since 2006 and now 10 years later I will be a part of its 10th year anniversary.  I will be racing with the successful team Volkswagen Racing Polska, the team is partly made out of Adam Gladyzs and Robertas Kupcikas. They finished second in the Golf last year (2015). So we are 100% in it to win it. It will be very tough , especially in this kind of endurance racing. 


As I said it has been a dream for me to drive a 24h endurance race, and I know it won’t be easy. We will be drive long stints, one stint can be up to two hours, this together with a lot of faster cars passing all the time combined with me passing slower cars. Is what makes 24h race so hard and tough. But it will be awesome and I am super pumped to do this. I never drove or raced in the dark before, but now I have my driver license so I can practice som night drives.


That I got one of three seats in this team is really big for me and is a big step for my racing career. The team will drive a Seat leon supercopa MK2 instead of the Volkswagen Golf cup which they used last year. That Golf was the same Golf as I was racing with this year, except that it was a little bit faster. Our car will drive in the class A3T, where all the cars is 2.0L engine with turbos. Most of the cars are the seat leon and as I write we are 16 cars in my class. So it will be a super tough completion in the desert of Dubai.


The 19th to 21st of October I tried out the Seat for the first time. It is much more Powerful than the Golf and it is much more racier. The brake pedal is heavy , the steering is heavy and the car is very stiff. The Seat has 340 horsepower and less weight than the Golf cup car. The Seat is still front wheel driven and with turbo so the driving style is very similar to the Golf and I liked the Seat very much. I found the speed in the car very quickly. But in the 24h race its not all about driving fast, its about driving on 90% speed and consistent driving.


Dubai 24h will start in January 15th 2016, 14:00 at Dubai autodrome.


If you want to support me and my racing career, you can come with me to Dubai as a VVIP sponsor. Contact me for more information! or +46722106100