Bad way to end the weekend [VIDEO]

2014 - Ginetta GT - Up side down

Race 2, Finally I had the chance to prove my self worthy the p3 from yesterday. This time I was p5 but I knew I could go to the podium this time. I was super stoked about the race and I wanted to give everything.

The start went off, and after 3 corners Niclas and Daniel crashed just in front of me, Niclas got a throwback and smashed into Daniels car and Daniel smashed into me. Unfortanely I got the worst hit and my car started to roll. I rolled 5 times until it stopped uppside down. Both the marshalls and the rescue team was there on no time,  I was okey but very shocked. Laying on the grass waiting for the Ambulance to take me to the hospital. The doctors examnied me and did x-ray.

They didn’t find anything broken and I was allowed to go back. Very sore in my body, I stood watching the restart of the ginetta race. It felt bad to just watch the race.

I want to thank all the  marshalls and the rescue team for what they did.