Hockenheim – Season premier in Audi TT Cup


Winter is over. Pre-season is done. The Audi TT Cup is about to begin! I’m thrilled to be heading down to Germany and Hockenheimring where the season premier is run on May 6-7 together with DTM.

After the my acceptance in to Audi TT Cup was announced I’ve been hard at work with my physiques and racing. Getting in that Audi TT and pushing it at Hockenheim has been my only goal. I feel great, and love to have the season starting.


Race facts

The track at Hockenheim is familiar to me, racing there the last few seasons with VW Golf and Scirocco. The Audi TT is faster, meaner and more fun! I think it will be a great fit on the 4,5km long track. And yeah, it’s going to be great racing in front of the amazing race-fans again, all 120 000 of them!

The Grand Prix circuit in Hockenheim is a demanding race track with many fast and medium speed corners, for which the drivers must generate plenty of downforce with their Cup racecars. The first corner immediately after the start-finish line is immediate challenge, which requires discipline and assertiveness. The competitors reach top speed in the long Parabolika leading to the hairpin, and must hit the braking point exactly. The majority of the overtaking moves take place under braking – and thanks also to the Push-to-Pass function – exciting slip streaming duels.


Live stream this weekend

The Audi TT Cup will be live streamed this weekend!

  • Race 1 Saturday, May 7th 12:10 – 12:40
  • Race 2 Sunday, May 8th 16:20 – 16:50