A breaking situation

It was time to return to Nurburgring for the 5th weekend of Audi Sport TT Cup, it has been a very long summer brake even if I had one extra race in TCR. I am so happy to have been back in the TT Cup and was ready to go all in. I was also glad to be back at Nurburgring because this is a really fun track that I enjoy a lot.



It was a really good feeling to be back in this fantastic Audi TT and I really had a good feeling rolling out of my box for the first time this weekend. We tried out some new settings on the Anti-roll bar and also a slightly different pressure in the tyres that we had used before. After my first two laps I noticed something was wrong with my brakes when the brake pedal went all the way through as I braked. I went into the pit lane and had my mechanics to bleed my brakes, and then it was working better for the session out. I made an OK lap time but nothing great as I hoped for.



After the 50 minutes practice we had the day before it was now time for qualifying. I was pumped up and really ready to make a good qualifying, as I was happy with my lap times yesterday even with the problem with the brakes. I went out and did my 2 warm up laps and then did 4 flying laps. On my two first flying laps I got a lot of traffic which made me do two really bad lap times but then I managed to do two better times. I was really unhappy with the deceleration of my car and I had trust issues with the braking spot. I did manage to start P16 in both races which was a real disappointment for me.


Race 1

It was a really bad race for both me and the whole TT Squad. A big crash in the start, which were actually good for me but very unlucky for the drivers who were involved in the crash. I managed to stay up and overtake some cars. Again I had problems with the brakes and I really begged the Audi mechanics to fix my car. I really really want to show that it isn’t me doing the car so slow, I was trying and trying really hard but couldn’t keep up to the pace to stay in top 10. I Managed to finish P11 at the end which was an okey position after starting P16.


Race 2

the Master-cylinders has been changed and my car should work perfect now. I had to try to forget everything that happened this weekend and remember the good parts and the good parts from Zandvoort. Started as P15 again as one driver was excluded because of some incidents from the first race. I was very close to make a jump start but instead I made a really bad start, but again just after a few corners there was a really big crash and even a car on fire. I am glad that all my fellow Audi TT drivers are fine. The race was red flagged and restarted after 20 minutes. Race 2 was a really short race and after 4 laps I crossed checkered flag as P8. Again a good result despite my bad starting position, I was still not happy with the result since I knew that I could have been much higher up if I managed to qualify better.


After all it was very important points for the championship and going out of the weekend with out any scratches feels very good after my two race weekends from Zandvoort. Now it is a little bit more than one week until my first race at Hungaroring. I am really looking forward to this track it looks super awesome and I am stoked to make a good weekend.