TCR : Race report Hockenheim season final 2016

TCR Germany - 13. + 14. Lauf 2016 - Hockenheim, GER - Foto: Gruppe C

After my first guest start in the TCR Germany at Zandvoort i was thrilled to be back at Hockenheim to show everyone that I can do so much better than I did. This time it was not only TCR Germany but TCR Europe and it was the final. 26 cars, drivers from TCR international and well known names within the racing circus.


This weekend we had the chance to get an extra half day before the weekend really started, which was really good for me. this would mean that I had all the time I needed to adapt to the TCR car. I was up in really good pace directly and knew this was going to be a good weekend.


Practice 1 & 2

The TCR weekends are a bit different from Audi Sport TT Cup weekends. In TCR we have two practice sessions instead of 1. Which is much better because then you have time to analyze what you did good in the first practice and improve the things that wasn’t that good.



I have had a lot of time on Hockenheim lately which means that I was really fast on this track and knew exactly what to do. I started of the qualifying really bad after I got a small hit in the back which was disturbing my focus. On lap 6 I managed to qualify p9 which meant that I was pretty sure to advance to Q2, but on the next lap I improved my time even more and succeeded to secure a P5. The next lap one car broke and went into the wall and the last minutes were cancelled. In the waiting for Q2 I was very happy with my time and knew I had to do it one more time to get that position for the race. The time went on and we knew that we wasn’t allowed to continue past 19.00 and the clock was ticking. Then the decision came, there will be no Q2 and I had done my best qualifying ever. P5 out of 26 cars.


Race 1

Starting P5 was a really good feeling, and I had a lot of cars behind me and even drivers with big names which was a good feeling. It was bad condition with one dry line and the rest of the track was wet. I made a terrible start but so did the car next to me so we blocked the whole field and almost nobody could pass us. I got pushed out of the track and into the wet, losing a lot of speed and positions. In the third corner I got hit again and almost lost the car but I managed to save it. Something was not definitely broken on the car so it wasn’t going fast enough for me to be able to overtake a lot of cars but I managed to hold some positions of and finished P14.


Race 2

I made an good start from my fifth position but in the first corner I got hit and my car broke, managed to go back to pit but no further.


I have to bring the good qualys with me to the last weekend with Audi Sport TT Cup final and aim for the top. Now I know that I can make a good qualifying then I just need to get all pieces together at the same time and it will be a really good weekend.